Welcome to Farseer Whippets

   Here at Farseer Whippets, you will find information about my dogs, and the activities that I do with them.

   Located just outside Lacey Washington, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest,  Clan Farseer competes in many different performance events.

   We race with the National Oval Track Racing Association, the North American Whippet Racing Association and Whippet Racing Association in one of the most compettitive areas in the U.S.

   We also compete in open field coursing with the National Open Field Coursing Association and lure course with the American Sighthound Field Association.

   Clan Farseer has recently started competing in dock dog diving with the national organizations of Dockdogs and Splashdogs with Cochiti! In 2012, 2 more dogs will begin training for dock jumping.



These elite athletes are bred to be happy, healthy and have long careers. 


Home raised and highly socialized, Clan Farseer spends it's down time sleeping on the bed and on the sofa.


MBIF Jammin' Ruby Mist of K's LCM2 OTRM5 SRM



Foundation of Farseer Whippets...


  Shadow Run Nike Air Jammin'



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